2016 AWS City on a Cloud Challenge, Winner, Best Practices Award

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I don't like average or OK. Average is only the best of the worse and the worse of the best. -Unknown

Areas of Expertise

I use technology to affect the bottom line. Sometimes that means using an old technology, and sometimes that means using the latest and the greatest. Each technology has pros and cons that need to be weighted for each project, to find the best fit.

What They're Saying

  • David is a dev genius.
  • David Plappert responds quickly ...
  • David makes sure to explain things as best as possible ...
  • David's a commando. He ... is fast and efficient at getting results.
  • David is a great person to work with and under.

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What I'm Looking For

  • I am looking to work (mostly) remote. I currently live in Chillicothe, IL, which is about four hours from the Chicago Loop. I don't mind being in office when needed, just not four or five days every week. I am not looking to relocate. I fly out of the Peoria, IL International Airport (PIA).
  • I am looking to work as a Sr. DevOps Engineer or Sr. Cloud System Administrator. I will also work under other job titles that match my skillset.
  • I prefer a full-time, salaried position with benefits.
  • Flexibility is a big thing for me in a job. I like to be there for my wife and child, sometimes at a less-than-desirable notice.
  • I am looking for a company I can get behind and dream with. I don't just clock my eight hours and go home. I like to take ownership of my projects.

About Me

  • I am a world changer. I don't like average or OK. Average is only the best of the worse and the worse of the best.
  • I am self-taught. I do not have any formal education. I learn best by being given problems and figuring out the best solution, not from a book.
  • I like numbers. I'm an analytic and financial guru. I created an application to watch the stock market and buy/sell stocks as best it can. I am very data driven.
  • I am a family man.
  • I have worked with a number of youth to help them develop their programming skills. I am on the youth committee of a local non-profit.
  • I am good at problem solving with people and technology. Being raised in a family of 8, I have a good background for government or corporate positions with red-tape. Ask about how I saved a government department millions of dollars with 100 lines of code.